First National Medical Services

​Throughout the years, First National Medical Services (FNMS), has been keen to provide the best community service across Jordan. Thus, the company was always aware that to build a brighter, and more intellectual future for this country, was to invest in the youth society in Jordan.

​FNMS has started a University Undergraduate Internship Program (UUIP), which involves theoretical and practical training for students across Jordan. The program is aimed to improve their knowledge in medical and healthcare engineering, and to relate what is given as a theory in universities with real life scenarios.

​Training is conducted using high end education materials, and highly educated instructors with abundant capacity of information in their field, which helps delivering information to students in an easy way to understand and register.

​FNMS and UUIP, are committed to provide the best training and coaching for the youth society, and will always try to improve the quality of the training through introducing new methods in teaching and coaching.

Samir Toghouz

​Before the start of the first semester ever, FNMS received a horrifying sad news, a pioneer in engineering and a mentor passed away leaving an empty space among us. Engineer Samir Toghouz was one of the oldest engineers to work with Siemens Healthcare in Jordan. He was a hard working individual, with abundant information and experience in which he was able to implement on daily service calls.
​Engineer Samir was not just a normal service engineer, his main and bright characteristic is that he always wanted to share his knowledge to others, whether they were colleagues, or undergraduate students.
​When the training center was first planned, he made sure to be a keen member of the teaching faculty, and started right away with X-Ray Basics lectures including the history of Siemens Healthcare.
​Until now, his colleagues and closest people still remember him as one of the greatest engineers ever joined the company, his achievements, generosity and good heart will always be etched in every heart he touched.
​First National Medical Services, in its turn wanted to honor this great man, hence, the company decided to name the training center after him, for it will be called from now on as “Samir Toghouz Training Center”

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